Intelligent open meeting system

System overview

An electronic intelligent open meeting sign system, the use of advanced RFID technology as the core of the system, with high security, remote automatic identification, it has changed the traditional manual check-in and close range card sign, in order to intelligent open channel mode, the delegates only need to wear a representative card into the channel, without credit card and stay, the system will automatically identify the identity and automatically sign in, highlighting the distinguished identity. This system has been widely used in the National People's Congress, the Chinese Communist Party National Congress, the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and the internal meeting of the large corporate executives, etc..

System main features:
No active credit card: delegates only on the body wearing a legitimate representative, without the need to take the initiative to swipe, stay, through the channel system automatically identify and record the information on behalf of the participants, to achieve human management and rapid and convenient access;
Illegal personnel alarm function: illegal or non legitimate representative of the pass through, the channel will be issued a sound and light alarm, and effectively prevent the entry of illegal workers, but also to prevent the delegates did not register to leave the venue;
Direction identification: each channel can be identified in the direction of the passage, the system will automatically identify the direction of the participants, to provide more accurate data for the manager;
Channel width: 0.6 to 1.5 meters can be adjusted, can be flexibly adjusted according to the width of the entrance channel width;
Quick check in: the identification of the speed of the card is less than 0.1 seconds, therefore, the rate of attendance depends on the speed of the delegates; usually, 600 people's meeting, about 15 minutes to complete the sign.
Real-time display of the sign information: real-time display of the attendance and attendance information, such as the number of people, has reached the number, the rate and the number of Representatives, name, position, etc.;
Instant report output: after the completion of the registration, the system can immediately report;
Before the field business card printing: a system that integrates the function of the printer card can realize pre or temporary staff card production (with card printer and digital camera).

case image:

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