Jiaxiaotong solution

System overview

An electronic edutohome system changed the traditional queuing credit card way, using advanced and reliable passive UHF RFID remote identification technology, students only need to normal wear Jiaopai in and out of the school gate, system will automatically identify the identity of students and will access the data are automatically saved in database, the system combined with the mobile, Telecom, China Unicom and other SMS platform, will students in and out of the campus real time through the mobile phone message will be sent to the parents or designated personnel, let parents child school leaving real time control.

System main features:
Compatible with the school's existing card: the use of our own intellectual property rights DPC220 AD card, will be compatible with the school's original card equipment (protocol standards for ISO14443A), such as: the sale of rice, water control, access control, etc.
The system uses a passive technology, can be made into card and bank card size size, convenient for students to carry;
Without active card: students only need to wear the legitimate Jiaopai on the body, without active card, residence, through that channel automatic recognition system of student status and send text messages, humanized management and quick and easy passage;
To prevent the following: when the illegal personnel to follow the students into the system, the system sends out the alarm, prompting the guard;
Illegal personnel alarm function: illegal or free to wear through legitimate Jiaopai personnel, the channel will be send out sound and light alarm, effectively prevent illegal workers to enter, but also can prevent and students not registered to leave the school.
Direction identification: each channel can be identified in the direction of the passage of time, the system will automatically identify the students' access;
Channel width: 0.6 to 1.4 meters can be adjusted, can be flexibly adjusted according to the width of the entrance channel width;
Fast speed: recognition of school attendance each less than 0.1 seconds, at the same time many people pass side by side.
Real time to send text messages: students access to the channel, the system can real-time through mobile, telecommunications and other SMS platform to the parents or designated personnel information.

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