Company Culture

People Oriented, Learning, Cooperation, Innovation, Solidarity

Company Mission

Pursuit of innovation and excellence, constantly develop and then feedback to society.

Unremittingly pursuit of excellence and contribute force to the development of society and human’s progress.

Company Core Values

Based on integrity and constantly innovate.

The success of enterprise comes from each employee’s pay. Endeavor to be the first-class staff, to create first-class products and to build first-class enterprise.

Grow based on good faith, mutual benefit and co-prosperity.

Solidarity and diligent, high-efficiently increase income.

Maximize profit of society, staff, customers and stockholders, serve the country with industrial.

Quality Policy

Quality decides enterprise’s future. Enterprise has to survive by quality, to develop by innovation, and service customers wholeheartedly.

Quality brings market, improvement brings growth.

Cumulate improvement towards perfect quality.


Take technological innovation as the basis of development of enterprises.

Improve enterprise competitiveness by management innovation.

Take service innovation as the link with customers.

Cultural Heritage - Camel Culture

This culture asks for a little, while give a lot. It is realistic and dedicatory culture.

Cultural Heritage - Humanistic Care

Rely on staff, develop staff’s potential, respect everyone, make sure everyone fully development, create the best employer image.

Cultural Heritage: Practical and Innovation

Sureness is a conscientious, practical and cautious style, which is the foundation and prerequisite of steady development.

Innovation is an insatiable, pioneer and exploring spirit. The one would success in advance if pursuit innovate and freely do important issue that most staff not aware of.


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