LSG405 HF RFID Library Security Gate
Introduction:The RFID library security gate integrates 3D intelligent technology and it can detect any directions in the 3D space of device induction zone; The equipment supports electronic tags in accordance with ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO 18000-3 standard from multiple vendors, both AFI and EAS safety test model available; Its system supports up to 9 aisles at the same passageway. Channel identification distance is above 90cm (The identification distance is related with tag performance, size, site environment and so on). This product can be widely used in library/archives in and out of guard against theft and other fields.

LSG405 HF RFID Library Security Gate

Product Features:

(1) Operating frequency 13.56 MHz;

(2) Support ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 protocols;

(3) Channel Width 90cm;

(4) RF Power 1~8W adjustable;

(5) Integrated infrared sensor cutting analysis, realize the flow statistic;

(6) Support a variety of security models: EAS, AFI, EAS+AFI;

(7) Integrated 3D omni-directional induction technology;

(8) Support up to 10pcs gates(9 aisles) at the same entrance

(9) Support EMI (electro-magnetic interference) detection;

(10) Support three roads relay linkage output, one road MOS linkage output;

(11) Built-in sound and light alarm prompt function, adjustable volume;

(12) Communication interface: Ethernet Interface (TCP/IP);

Library Security Gate.jpg

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